an experiment in living – the suicide note of syndax vuzz

Greetings! At 1:22 am cst feb 6, 2011, i, syndax vuzz, post my first blog. I am new to this. This being the whole internet thing. I have been poking around the place for a couple of months now. I am very slow to start. Actually i have spent some time on the internet for the past few years researching my most important subjects (or rather their messages) – Krishnamurti and David Bohm. But as far as using the internet to connect with other people … i don’t know. I guess it reflects directly on my experience with the real world. At the moment i have very few real friends. And whether or not they use the internet or what for, they don’t talk about it. Even when i bring the subject up. The subject being my own experimentation with publishing.

So, at least partially, at first anyway, this gonna be like a confession. A declaration of who i am and what i intend to do. Or rather what i am doing. Its gonna be a living thing, in process, an evolving revelation, me exposing myself upfront, as i am, stupid, scared and alone. This gonna be a psychological vivisection, a suicide note.

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