vivisectin’ a human brain – psychologically

Talkin’ ’bout Krishnamurti and Bohm, they were my main research subjects, the whole of my experience on the net till a coupla months ago. They aint the subject of my blog – more like just the the pinnacle of my intellectual examination of human life on planet earth.

My examination is ongoing – but as far as tryin’ to hammer anything down with a theory or belief – they aint no nail can keep a holt to it.

I think, as far as my mission goes – changin’ the world, creating a good society, healin’ the environment… all that good stuff – its gonna require an amalgamation of many ideas, techniques and practices.

And here in my blog i gonna have to let yall know some of whats goin’ on in my life. ‘Cause i already know that the truth i advocate gonna affect directly my personal and public life. Its not that i havn’t been livin’ with the truth, its just that i felt it was too dangerous to express outwardly.

But now, for whatever historical or evolutionary reasons, the universe, or rather the very substance of the universe is demanding i take action, immediate, radical action. My conscience is giving me no choice.

So… while this may seem to be the conceit of a fifty year old white american crazy man, i hope, over time you will see this as addressing fundamental human issues.

Today i am playin’ hooky from my job in a heavy industry. We been workin’ mostly 6 and 7 twelve hour days a week for over two years. A man died a mysterious death on the job ’bout 6 weeks ago. Those two facts plus difficult family and financial issues goin’ on in my life have me functioning at some kind of physical and psychological limit. But thats ok ’cause its been the perfect laboratory in which to test my understanding of life.

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