Revolution and/or Nothing

Its ’bout revolution – to revolve – goin’ ’round and ’round, like a rhythm, the emphasis on different phases of different beats in different times and spaces, moment by moment, day by day, year in and year out.

Its ’bout revolution, a new revolution every day, sometimes every moment. It never concludes, it never ends. Its like catchin’ a wave you ride ’til it slams you down or runs out of energy and you sink and then you look for another. Its like the tide, it flows in and it flows out.

Its like death and rebirth. That’s the state of mind i talkin’ ’bout. You leave the whole past behind and start over new and fresh every day, sometimes every moment.

The whole universe doin’ it, blinkin’ in and out of existence every nano milisecond. Its goin’ so fast it appears solid. But it aint. The more closely you look the more it disappears. The main ingredient of matter is empty space.

In school they told us about the atom, a super submicroscopic nucleus of protons and neutrons orbited by electrons, the smallest building block of the universe. If an atom were the size of a hot air balloon the nucleus would be the size of a grain of sand vibrating at velocities that approach the speed of  light while the shell would be created by orbiting electrons the size of fine dust particles.

Thus, looking outwardly through space to the stars and inwardly to the atom we see the whole universe consists of 99.9% empty space and all we see is alive,  permeated with and intense energy.

Scientists probing the inside of atoms say that even protons, neutrons, and electrons are not things but events that only show tendencies to exist, that space, time, matter, and energy are not separate but form an unbroken wholeness.

The stars, planets, and galaxies rotate and revolve around each other. Every perceivable aspect of the universe already in a state of constant revolution. Might as well tap that energy and ride that flow right here and now.

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