that ol’ demon love

How is blindly casting a message of love into the void like casting out a demon? Well, they both need to get out before they destroy their host.

Why should a message of love destroy its host? If its burstin’ to get out but not allowed to.

Why would anyone not allow a message of love to get out? Fear. Fear of consequences – the power of love may upset the established order of things. Of course, though certain established orders may need to be overturned, that process may emotionally or sometimes physically disturb those who profit from the established order. And those who profit may react violently.

Why should the power of love destroy the established order? When the established order perpetuates evil and suppresses love.

exorcisin’ a demon

i chose to labor in industry ’cause i not a natural people pleasin’ person – ya know, dealin’ with the public sellin’ or servin’.

Nor did i believe in the position from which they taught in college – the presuppositions that were necessary to proceed in education, the assumptions that were made concerning the “rightness” of the white christian american point of view. My aptitude tests said i should be a lawyer or a manager but the world lawyers and managers inhabit appears to me to be a house of cards with a false foundation built on shifting sands.

And i knew i couldn’t just sell something, some product or service i didn’t believe in just to make money.

Even the idea of sellin’ something i do believe in goes against my normal sense of the natural order of things. Its like if you aint already there or in a place similar to me, then for me to try to convince you or persuade you i must exert some type of force, however subtle, well meaning, or kind my intention, i must direct my energy toward you to get you to move from your natural state.

And in my understanding of how the universe works, any force i exert will ultimately come back to me.

Ergo, there are only two circumstances in which it is appropriate for me to initiate contact and direct a message to you, and in this case they are both actually the same. An emergency situation, in which case it would be evil for me not to inform you of an impending event that could harm you or a loved one, number one and number two is if it is the force of love that compels me.

So the time is comin’, soon, for me to initiate contact, but until that moment i blindly castin’ my message into the void … like exorcisin a demon …