existence in exile

exile – … voluntary absence from one’s country or home … one who separates himself from his home

its like freeing oneself from the influence of the world … not the world of nature or of the universe, but the world of man. To free onself from that part of the world that formed you or is applying force against you in order to control or use you … then in that new place you may find the same dynamics … the world as vampire … draining yo life force … skillfully using yo own innate drives against you … if you don’t want to end up a withering husk, a shrivelled  corpse, empty of life … you must exile yo se’f within, attend totally and absolutely, see what is and what must be … what must be abandoned, what must be done, and what must be created.

exile – … forced removal from one’s country or home … a person  expelled from his country or home by authority

sometimes its like the same thing … the world of man’s creation can not or will not tolerate  anything that can’t be forced into use by the ruling authority.

then again, maybe its like a contaminant or waste being expelled by the body

depends on yo point of view

i submit that the Truth is not a point of view or opinion or dependent upon an authority but is absolute and the same for all human beings in all worlds

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