still waiting?

As a laborer … thats the nice way of sayin’ it … really i mean slave … as a laborer livin’ in this world it can tend to get a bit overwhelming … that is if you blessed enough to even be employed by the master – hell, let me thank god right now the master lettin’ me grab a few crumbs off the floor … i can’t imagine (well i can, but it aint a pleasant experience) – i dont like contemplating what it would be like battling for garbage outside the plantation where the master discards his waste … much less having to bring a child into that environment … this one i find myself in bad enough … i already live in a constant state of tension, concerned ’bout both my children and grandchildren.

Yeah … slavin’ is life destroyin’ but i know the master enjoyin’ his spoils and he gettin’ tighter on his control … and its suckin’ the life outta me …

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