the ever fallin’ dust … settles

in free fall … a lifetime … accelerating toward death – (ya know like a year at age two is 50% yo life, a year at age fifty is 2% yo lifetime) – the days, hours, minutes themselves are dust in the wind … consciousness fades into timelessness … opening up eternity … allowing freedom of action … freedom from the known … total freedom …

its goin’ back to the source … the source of the universe … like spittin’ out a seed … that falls back on the ground … the ground of being …

so the parachute we constructed … on the way down … functioned … we landed alive, but closer to our death than we had anticipated … with a world of new challenges surrounding us … but with a settled conciousness … a conciousness that has flowered … open to the sun … the sunlight of a universal intelligence … like a blade of grass through concrete … vulnerable yet alive … alive with the infinite potential of a new creation …

so look around and see in the light and allow the next phase of evolution to move forward …

The Free World Charter: Let’s make everything free

The Free World Charter: Let’s make everything free. i don’t remember where i came across this  or who is behind it or what they got goin’ on but its a great presentation. And in the spirit of makin’ everything free i been puttin’ my book “incite planetary revolution” out here one section at a time. With the ten pages or so of introduction i got ’bout the first 29 pages of my book online. You can start on this site and just follow the links on the bottom of the page. Why i aint just got it as its own pdf is an ongoing soap opera. But anyway i proceeding as best i can with the skills i got now, and steady learning, slow but sure.

its like this n like that

the dualities, the vibratory nature of the universe, expansion and contraction, space and time, inward and ourward, they all just approximations, appropriate within limited frameworks, fate and free will, nature versus nurture, its never an absolute either or

space and time can be shown to be constructs of our brain and outwardly we can see on our planet there is neither space nor time, no space to create a new frontier, we have to create the new world here. there is no time to wait, nothing to do before we begin.

the new frontier IS within our common mind, bringin’ the whole within the fold, or rather allowing the whole to unfold.

A Whole New World

A whole new world is right here right now. There is no other place it could be. There is no other time it could be. Thats the beauty of it. Thank God. You can see it all around you, in the crumbling of our society, the crumbling of our civilization. The financial structure that the power put in place to control they slaves is collapsing of its own weight. The slaves are risin’ up and burnin’ the masters house down, been doin’ it for awhile now all over the planet. The more the master resists the inevitable the more out of his control it gets.

The seed of the new world is germinating. The seed been around along time. It has sprouted before. And there is plenty of it. The only reason it hasn’t taken root up til now is ’cause the ground it fell on was not suitable. It does take time to prepare the ground. And that time is complete.

The seed is human understanding and the ground is human relationship. The seed is perception and the ground is our common mind. Our common mind is the human brain. Every human brain is of the same origin and performs the same function in every human being. Our common mind has a manifestation in the world. Its civilization, our society, our technology as opposed to nature. In its infancy it was tribal, clinging to mother earth. In its adolescence it has been crude and clumsy. It has been juvenilly delinquent, taking great risks, seeking great adventures. Now we are maturing. The process is sometimes painful.

The universe is unfolding as it should. This has not come about as any personal or public conscious decision. This is a movement of the whole. Its as if the universe passionately desired the evolution of life. Its a special blessing that we were born into this age at this moment on this earth.

Maddbluntz and the Infinit Yes


To me, all this stuff is ’bout communicatin’ a particular thing. Specifically it is about the present unprecedented crisis and our response, which ultimately is about how we think and live everyday. An’ its ’bout spreadin’ the message as far and wide and deep in our common mind as possible an’ right now it looks to me like the best in the business are  Maddbluntz,  the Infinit Yes, and Zeitgeist.

Its like when i trainin’ a new guy on the floor to run a machine, i say “This is Cordell. He one of the best operators we got. He’s gonna train ya. Do what he does. If Cordell goes to the back of the machine, looks up and says ‘what the fuh?’ then you go to the back of the machine, look up and say ‘what the fuh?’. That way you’ll learn the right way.”

Well, thats what i got ta do. Learn from the best.