the ever fallin’ dust … settles

in free fall … a lifetime … accelerating toward death – (ya know like a year at age two is 50% yo life, a year at age fifty is 2% yo lifetime) – the days, hours, minutes themselves are dust in the wind … consciousness fades into timelessness … opening up eternity … allowing freedom of action … freedom from the known … total freedom …

its goin’ back to the source … the source of the universe … like spittin’ out a seed … that falls back on the ground … the ground of being …

so the parachute we constructed … on the way down … functioned … we landed alive, but closer to our death than we had anticipated … with a world of new challenges surrounding us … but with a settled conciousness … a conciousness that has flowered … open to the sun … the sunlight of a universal intelligence … like a blade of grass through concrete … vulnerable yet alive … alive with the infinite potential of a new creation …

so look around and see in the light and allow the next phase of evolution to move forward …

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