approach the infinite …

i mean, aint that what its all about, come upon the full glory of life? Otherwise, whats it all about? Work til ya die? Introduce fresh, clean human brains to hell on earth ‘n tell ’em – “Go for it! Struggle through the cutthroat, life destroyin’, world poisonin’, slave prison rat race and die. Ahhh shucks … you don’t have to thank me. Actually i just couldn’t control myself. The next thing i knew there ya was screamin’ an’ hollerin’ in my face demandin’ everything. It was my pleasure.”

But seriously, we do die. Time is short. Its just the “self”, the personal ambitions, the static entity that says “I need. I want.” ME Me me … myself, my stuff, my past, my future, the endless circle of thoughts that drain yo’ life’s energy into the cesspool of the civilization man created. You can leave yo’ self behind, alone, to whither and die, crumble to dust, be blown away by the wind.

Open your mind to the sun, the light, the cosmic world of nature all around ya. Just look and see, without comment, you embedded in silence already, thats your real birthplace, where ya go when ya die, right here and now, being conscious, consciousness itself being the very substance of the universe, there is no separation from the source of the universe.

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