The Mind of the Child

The human organism/infant associates goodness/love with the meeting of her needs – which later evolves into the satisfaction of  her psychological desire. Our sense of goodness grew out of the dependency of the parent-offspring relationship – family. Relationships and conditions that fulfill our fundamental needs are good, ones that deprive us our wellbeing or our sense of security are not. As the organism develops, it seeks the same sense from the community – communication and cooperation or alienation and violence – according to its own particular conditioning.

With the awareness of what is good and what is not arose a sense of ‘quality’, an appreciation of goodness and beauty in form and functon – our aeshetic sense – seeking to make life better, more secure, more pleasurable. It is this emerging consciousness of a spectrum of quality that focuses our attention intensely upon our mental processes, images and ideas, in order to measure and compare any or all aspects of the world – past, present, and future – within the mind, seeking ever the highest quality.

This is the new dimension of complexity in the interaction of matter/energy in space/time – whole worlds may be contained, dissected, and recreated within the human brain. It is no longer necessary for evolution to spend lifetimes experimenting for the perfect way of life. Now life can cut to the chase. What once took generations to establish – better survival skill, ability, and the potential thereof – now may take place in hours or days with our high technology.

The sacred seed has split. The growth within pulsates and hesitates, sensing the world – if one thing or idea or action is better than another – what is the best?

this is the end
of Eden and innocence
and the beginning of responsibility
-public and private-
local and global

Simple survival is no longer sufficiently satisfactory. For man, the whole process of life is far more vast than the indulgence of his appetite.


Sex, Hunger, and War
Environmental Resources
and the Basic Unit of Society
-the Family-

The whole focus of human life is to meet our interconnected biological and psychological needs. The more we are able to meet our biological needs, the greater the role our psychological need plays in life. Of course our psychological need is rooted in and is an extension of our biological need for food and sex. The programs we follow to fulfill our needs are culture and all its variations.

Culture is transmitted first through our mother’s breast.

It is evident in the simplest forms of life and becomes more apparent the more sophisticated the nervous system – as part of a process of replication, the parent-offspring relationship, our genetic predisposition for human contact,  cooperation and communication or more precisely – love.

The skeleton of every human persona is created whole at a very earlly age and every person spends the rest of her life fleshing it out.

Parents create copies of themselves – automatically – there is no other way – we are genetic physically and it is a genetic apparatus that generates, transmits, and receives culture – the human brain – our common mind.

Talk about the mirror of human relationship! When your look at your children and their behaviour, you are looking deep into your own soul.

Thats the way it is. The only way it could have turned out like this is for the universe to have evolved just so. Starting with nothing, then, wonder of wonders, self-replicating entities out of the big bang and out of replicators, consciousness, the miracle of astonishment.

The universe, life and death, evolution – its a never ending movement. What came before changes into what we are now and now we are creating what will be. Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, we are responsible for the world.



GREEK DEBT: Athens and Sparta

Observin’ BanCorpGov’s in real time …

A vignette of the ongoin’ global soap opera …

It went somethin’ like this here …

– Backdrop – years of intensifying stock market volatility – presented by the mainstream media –

– over the course of a week or so … from halloween to november 4 –

“GREEK DEBT THREATENS EUROZONE!” (thereby U.S./entire planet – mainly the western power structure)

mainstream media says …


BanCorpGov’s tell greek prime minister “Extract wealth from yo’ slaves and in return We Will Allow You to Remain in yo’ Position”

Born and bred from generations of greek leadership, the greek prime minister gestures “I Must Let the People Decide!”

BanCorpGov’s frown, fiat currency flash fires like the wizard of oz’s presentation to dorothy …

– cut to backdrop – (its like the legendary 300 “Spartans Save the World for Democracy!” with Athens supplying the justification) – mainstream media presents: “ISRAEL/U.S. RAMPIN’ UP FOR ‘PREEMPTIVE STRIKE’ AGAINST IRAN!” – with rumors of usin’ low yield ‘tactical’ nukes –

“Oops! My bad! Of course we not really gonna let the people decide.” intones the greek p.m.

BanCorpGov’s smile and promise rewards …

stay tuned for more of the neverending story …

So. Can we change the channel? Tell another story? Create a Whole New World?

the paradox of transformation

It couldn’t be any more apparent … truth may be obfuscated only so much … its even plain to see in our main stream media … the willfull destruction of our world by the most powerful memes on the planet … 1) god, 2) property, and 3)  the structure of thought … me … the self … manifestin’ in the world as the bank/corporation/govornment (BanCorpGov) system of authority … is demanding from us immediate action in every sphere of human relationship, to stop the progression of disease dominating the planet, to heal and to do what is right. This is a force of necessity.

PLUS … whatever personal or local situation we dealin’ with, making our daily life increasingly difficult and insecure, is a product of the BanCorpGov’s ability to manipulate us and hijack our innate instinct for transformation by directing our perceptions into their traps: consume products – big, shiny, new, fancy, high tech with the implied benefits of youth, beauty, wealth, and sex; or consume legal drugs – to lose weight, have energy, sleep well, cure depression, anxiety, and fear and any and all other common complaints concernin’ our “selves” feelings.

The list of the way BanCorpGov’s control us is so extensive its hard for me to continue but here some more: instilling beliefs about religion, national or racial “pride”, schools, fears of rejection or scarcity or economic collapse. Well, hell, the very nature of the economic system we slave under keeps us in prison. The number of dollars you have access to determines the quality of every aspect of your life; food, clothing, shelter, medical care, legal representation for you and your children is a direct result of how many dollars you may acquire. A situation that automatically pits us against each other.

Bottom line – the BanCorpGov’s know how to use our built in physical and psychological survival systems against us, primarily by programming us from birth with the foundational memes of god, property, and self. Really, once you can plant a belief of god, an imaginary all powerful, all knowing, ever present being, in the mind of a child, every other form of control falls right in place.

So there the in yo’ face messages from the environment we embedded in: 1) from the universe itself, our physical shared reality, human life on planet Earth – “You are enslaved in prison, forced to work for the powers that be on a global suicide mission” – and the cosmos sayin’ “Stop! Free yo’ self and thereby the world.” And 2) ya got the ingrained social structure spectacular daily mainstream media carnival barkers commanding yo’ attention and directing yo’ activities like you a zombie: “Consume, compete, repeat, fear, fight, flee and/or ignore the larger world reality, bow down to authority and run the program we gave ya or else face the consequences we impose. Yeah, its rough but do what ya gotta do, there aint no choice but what we give ya. You can’t see or think for yourself. Thats our job. Don’t interfere.”

Zombies need love too. The most abhorrent human actors on the planet, the living dead, the criminals at the top – banksters, priests, politicians, police, the global terrorists (BanCorpGov’s) and the lost souls at the bottom –  muderers, rapists, robbers, and thieves (programmed by authority) PLUS all of us who go to work and school and pay taxes and obey the law and do not disturb the “peace” and perpetuate the game … need love too.

So why don’t we transform?

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Very simply, because “what is”, the world we livin’ and creatin’ every day AND our mind are one thing. The outward structure of civilization is not a direct result of nature (indigenous tribal life is a direct result of nature), human thought took over evolution from nature – cultural selection – civilization is a direct manifestation of thought. It IS flawed, at least from the perspective of the health of the whole of life on this holy planet.

Its like this quote from LeeAundra Keany’s “20 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FIRE” –

“… fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas further heats the fuel, releasing more vapors and perpetuating the cycle.”

– where thought (the main product of human brains at present) is the fuel and civilization is the incandescent bloom.

Or we can acknowledge that yes, of course, civilization is a direct result of nature because human beings are a direct result of nature, therefore so is civilization. If so, we must then say civilization is a natural catastrophe. We must recognize the crisis and act accordingly, heal and make the world whole. They aint nobody else for it.

That means bring your attention to bear. Here is a hint of a “force” that may be of value – intent, the action of will, or maybe even a passionate desire for transformation, LOVE – however ya wanna say it. We stop. We turn away from and leave the way of understandin’ and livin’ that got us here.

The Paradox

We see the necessity of change. We want to change. But the only mechanism we got is the one that got us here – the self. The self IS the problem, NOT the solution.

So what now? The only thing to do, that has to be done, is set the self aside, allow it to shrivel and die. When the self dies we are left with nothing. No Thing. The unknown, this living moment. That is infinite potential. Here is the new understanding, what science tells us, truth …

Consciousness is primary, the source and substance of the universe.

Attend! Here and Now.

i gonna leave fo’ a minute … check out BannedUfos –

The Universe is an Illusion, But Consciousness Isn’t

steady goin’ back to the source II – Rebirth …

 comes from sacrificin’ the self …

 with each pulse of the universe.

It means the possibility, ergo, the inevitibility, of transformation is open and infinite, all the time, here and now.

Its kinda like this here, what “The holographic nature of the Universe – Gregg Braden” by AwakenTV sayin’ ,,,

The Basics

At present i don’t have the skills to make videos like this so i search ’em out on youtube. This one by Namaste 1001 presents the basics of what goes on in our civilization so well that i believe its worth sharing. Now, one thing i’ve noticed about communicators of the emerging paradigm is that so often we are “preaching to the choir”. I say that because there is so much evidence of the new consciousness on the internet, but in my everyday encounters in the real world very few people are already thinkin’ like this. As a matter of fact i, myself, while understanding the imposed illusion and the infinite potential of consciousness, wish that what i have learned in only the past few months concerning real world applications for our deteriorating civilization (transition towns and resilient communities and their applied techniques and technologies) was more common and available in our media.

Ergo, it appears to me as if there is a whole lotta news spreadin’ and catchin’ up to do.