GREEK DEBT: Athens and Sparta

Observin’ BanCorpGov’s in real time …

A vignette of the ongoin’ global soap opera …

It went somethin’ like this here …

– Backdrop – years of intensifying stock market volatility – presented by the mainstream media –

– over the course of a week or so … from halloween to november 4 –

“GREEK DEBT THREATENS EUROZONE!” (thereby U.S./entire planet – mainly the western power structure)

mainstream media says …


BanCorpGov’s tell greek prime minister “Extract wealth from yo’ slaves and in return We Will Allow You to Remain in yo’ Position”

Born and bred from generations of greek leadership, the greek prime minister gestures “I Must Let the People Decide!”

BanCorpGov’s frown, fiat currency flash fires like the wizard of oz’s presentation to dorothy …

– cut to backdrop – (its like the legendary 300 “Spartans Save the World for Democracy!” with Athens supplying the justification) – mainstream media presents: “ISRAEL/U.S. RAMPIN’ UP FOR ‘PREEMPTIVE STRIKE’ AGAINST IRAN!” – with rumors of usin’ low yield ‘tactical’ nukes –

“Oops! My bad! Of course we not really gonna let the people decide.” intones the greek p.m.

BanCorpGov’s smile and promise rewards …

stay tuned for more of the neverending story …

So. Can we change the channel? Tell another story? Create a Whole New World?

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