“Political power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Zedong

It’s (s)election season again in the United States Of America… Every four years when it comes time for the US to choose a president i’m reminded of Malcolm X infamous speech The Ballot Or The Bullet. The speech is a recognized as being the the 7th best American speech given in the 20th century. The power of that speech comes from it’s analysis of the modern American political system and in a way it’s a kind of bench mark in terms of how much progress (if any) has been made in American politics. But there never seems to be any real meaningful forward progress in American politics… and Malcolm’s speech made in Cleveland Ohio on April 3rd of 1964 is a reminder of just how much American politics hasn’t really changed.

Malcolm’s speech was delivered a year…

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Human Iterations

So there was a demonstration and some people got a little militant and maybe broke some windows. Chances are the demonstration wasn’t a rally against the existence of windows so this may not look like the smartest of moves to you. In fact, it probably seems pretty asinine. A broken shop window doesn’t really hurt those in power yet it probably rose more than a few folks’ hackles. Vandalism and a few street scuffles with the cops obviously aren’t potent enough to directly overcome the state by force so why bother if it’s going to turn a lot of people against you?

The answer as it turns out is a little complex. It may surprise you to learn that most of the time those who break windows or get into scuffles with the police at these kind of things are not the equivalent of human non sequiturs but highly committed…

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 The Stolen Wind Tribe of Cascadia Pass. New Myth 27 by Willi Paul

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines

Windmills of yesterday are not the same as the horizontal axis wind turbines of today. Most large utility scale wind turbines such as the ones you’ll find on wind farms use a horizontal axis. Utility scale horizontal axis wind turbines typically use three blades although some are now being developed that use just two. Railed against by some environmentalists as “bird Cuisinarts”, the utility scale horizontal axis wind turbines today are being designed to move at slower speeds and be more visible to our fine feathered friends. But, large utility scale horizontal wind turbines are not the only games in town. Residential wind turbines that use a horizontal axis are also coming of age. These small wind turbines will typically turn at lower wind speeds and may be mounted in the backyard or on…

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