“There is no authority that will solve all our problems – not from the political, religious, or scientific arenas, nor from outer space, nor from the past or future, nor from heaven or hell. There is no conspiracy of do-gooders to change things from behind the scenes. No unknown mystic poet saint will rise from the masses to save the world. Nor is there an inner authority hidden within our brain, waiting to be let out and take charge. We have created this society which is destroying itself and fouling the environment. We create it, all of us together, each moment, with our thought, which determines our behaviour – minute by minute, hour upon hour, day after day, year in and year out.

The manner in which the human brain now functions is the wellspring of man’s sorrow. It produces our personal problems and collectively we have produced the present state of the planet.

Yes, the human brain has created many good and wonderful things. But it is not the good that now dominates the world.”

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