Chaos In All It’s Glory

Dividing all the parts of the world and naming them and symbolizing processes and reactions and determining their relationships has gone about as far as its gonna go within the constraints of self, god, and property. That type of semi-consciousness has created this world that’s collapsing in on itself. Its just like some Einstein said we can’t solve our problems at the same level of consciousness that created them.

As we have evolved we have altered our world. At first slowly, we produce small changes. Technique, beneficial and life enhancing, evolving from the observation of nature – agriculture – radically alters human society and initiates growth and alters the environment. New knowledge produces the technology of metal, again spurring growth and the exploitation of  resources natural and human, affecting further our physical environment and our human relationships causing a need for new techniques and technologies which begin to radically influence all areas of life at an ever increasing scope of dimension and accelerating pace of change.

Technology affects population affects technology causes assault on natural resources and requires new technologies which in turn affects population and pollution and resources and every aspect of human relationship is under siege.

All these changes create waves of influence, the waves overlap, interference waves are created, events change more, unexpected consequences result, initiating further waves that alter the original events which produce new reactions that create new pressures that call forth new responses  which have unforseen effects on the initial causes.

This is the reflection of the functioning of the human brain, the manifestation of human behaviour initiated by thought … a deteriorating process of thought revealed by our electronic nervous system, that is the most blatant manifestation of our common mind.

the only thought
that has any
absolute value
the only thought that is good
the only thought that is necessary
rational, logical, scientific
– that thought is aligned with intelligence –
the whole of technique

the thought that is not good
is the thought that is rooted in fear
– in concepts of god and property –

seeking pleasure and avoiding pain
– our primitive self –
the self corrupts the use of our tools
– our technology –
and completely contaminates our environment
– natural, physical, social, psychological –
local and global

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