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Wednesday and Thursday I ran a workshop in my lab. I call these gettings-together ‘micro-workshops,’ because there may be as few as 4-5 people, or as many as 10 (but not more). Many years ago, when I was hired by my university, I asked for a laboratory that was set up not as a usual biological lab, but as a space where I could run such micro-workshops. It’s basically a room with a big table in the middle,  chairs, whiteboards, and a counter with computers and peripherals. This is the room where we have been ‘brainstorming’ for two days.

In several of my recent posts I wrote about how we can answer such questions as what role (if any) climate played in the rise and collapse of complex societies. I have criticized some previous studies and promised to offer a better way of answering such questions. Well, what we have…

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