Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

One of the things that helped me most in learning to cope with the dozens of acute and bizarre symptoms that the psychiatric drug withdrawal caused was to become curious about my experience, yes, to attend to the pain and pay attention to it rather than avoid it or disassociate from it. This has not only diminished my suffering but taught me many things about the human condition and the nature of being human.

I’d like to note that when one is learning this it is a practice. There are times when in severe pain of all kinds it may be quite healthy to distract and even dissociate. Being kind to oneself and having compassion for ones suffering trumps all.

What is the difference between pain and suffering? In this video clip taken from the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011, Kelly McGonigal explores the neuroscience of meditation to help us understand…

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EGO is Same as Gravity. A sticking glue, that obstructs the INTELLIGENCE from releasing soul.

SOUL is the smallest, purified rational core particle of intelligence.

Soul is Same as Atomic Particle.

DESIRES in Spirituality are matter in subtle form and comparable with Planet Earth, with similar resisting fields of Gravity.

Spiritual SURRENDER is the process for release of soul by neutralization of gravity forces of desires.

The release of soul is comparable with Fission of an Atomic particle.

Surrender when achieved,  instantly releases the soul.

The soul propels  through the Gravity Field of Desire –  and continues with a pull – slide angular momentum on the fusion path ..  ..

This is body mind  Union,  a prelude to  soul God  fusion union.

I  ask critical feedback from Theoretical Physicists:

1.     Can we draw a tangent between surrender and gravity and surrender and atom and soul?

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