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Just finished Norbert Wiener’s1954, second edition of The Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics and Society. The world view is based on probability being introduced into the study of physics, with a focus on incompleteness and contingency as a way to assess the various positions and velocities out of which biological and communication systems emerge.  “Cybernetics” is an old-fashioned moniker for the study of messages as the means to control machines, “man,” and society, in particular the development of computing technologies and self-adjusting automata (p.15).

Wiener was one of the first to posit the identity between organism and information (p.95). For Wiener, entropy was the arch enemy –of science, of communication, and the human condition. Seeking to step up the communication between people and people, people and machines, and machines and machines, the point is to create pockets or local enclaves of biological and machinic organization vis-à-vis an external world…

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