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Since people started living in communities, there’s been tension between the rulers and the ruled.

That became particularly acute when America reintroduced the concept of self-government 237 years ago.

Bob Buckley reports on Eustace Conway, a Boone man who says he just wants to be free from the government and its rules.

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teen-cell-phone-300x272Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a student regarding the new communications technologies.  Both of us have been around long enough to have lived through the communications revolution.  We’ve both seen a world prior to cheaply available personal computers, cell phones, internet, cable (or cheaply available cable), 24 hour reporting and all the rest.  As Harvey puts it in The Condition of Postmodernity, we’ve thus lived at the interstices between two worlds.  In my life, at least, the eruption of the internet was an instance of what Deleuze, in The Logic of Sense, called “aion”.  There was the world before the internet and the world after the internet, and the two are entirely different worlds.  For me, the world before the internet, the world prior to 1994 (god, I have students now that were born that year), was a world where I could only find books at…

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