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Besides the obvious destinations: illumination, the fulfillment of lust, reciprocal love, financial security, dominion over others, etc. There are more immediate terminals that we wish to arrive at from the use of magick such as getting out of ticket or evading detection while doing some underhanded shit. What Crowley called the short and dangerous path to wisdom. Usually the first tool that comes to mind is narcolepsis (chemognosis) since we’re letting the substance do most of the work for us, but yet we still have to have an objective in mind. Drugs often make objectives fuzzy. No substance will bestow upon you magical power in and of itself. You must be adept at certain techniques to achieve tangible results.

Over years of practice I’ve noticed that all one needs to churn out useful magickings is to detonate the art to its rawest elements: gnosis and intent. Now by ‘gnosis’ I…

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