Table of Contents

The Desktop Regulatory State

Manuscript last updated: 12/05/15

Note:   This is the latest version of the Table of Contents, which has been reorganized and expanded several times since I first published it in March 2011.  It began as a very rough draft and, although decreasingly so, will remain rough until print publication. The idea is to follow Eric Raymond’s “release early” and “many eyeballs make shallow bugs” advice.  Although the date of the post will stay the same, the organization will be revised from time to time and chapter files constantly updated to include the latest edits. The date of most recent editing will always be at the end of the text or pdf file of each chapter.
This work (including any and all print versions) is licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0. It can be reproduced without limit by anyone, including for commercial sale, on condition that any such version…

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