The Material Unconscious and the Forgetting of Matter

Larval Subjects .

timagesThese days I’m going through a lot, so I stutter and my thoughts are impressionistic, like a pastiche.  I return to the question.  Why the perpetual forgetting of matter?  Is there perhaps a material unconscious of the world of academic theory that isn’t the unconscious of the signifier?  An unconscious composed of something so close that it is perpetually and necessarily forgotten?  This would not be the Lacanian unconscious that is “structured like a language” (though I’m convinced this exists).  This would not be Leibniz’s unconscious that is composed of tiny perceptions (though I’m convinced too that this exists).  This would not be Jameson’s political unconscious (though I’m convinced this exists as well).  Nor would it be Deleuze and Guattari’s unconscious of desiring-machines and a body without organs, though that too exists.  No, this would be an unconscious that is a priori forgotten because, while serving as a necessary…

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