Playing Host

to empire

At A Loss Of Words

At first you wanted a friend,
I obliged, time is money however
and I paid the price being around you
as our friendship evolved, parasitic.

Next you wanted knowledge, to act:
how why when where what who in addition to
every other fact that I could divulge, and you judged none,
but echoed them one after another into others ears.

Finally you robbed the food from my garden
as I now chomp down on empty cold steel
grinding my teeth all the while as I saw you,
fill yourself on what I had sown.

I stand now, supported by weak limbs devoid of strength
to cut you off, but you have already found a new host.

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The money is in the Bitcoin protocol

Internet Ganesha

Mention Bitcoins and people think ‘anonymous currency’. However, that’s only one instance of how the underlying public-key cryptographic protocol can be used. For example, at a conference last week, in my presentation, I said it was an approach that I’m increasingly thinking about as a way to re-frame the discussion between centralised and decentralised systems.

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