A Mother’s Love and a Soldier’s Devotion – Santisima Muerte in Perspective

Most Holy Death

88403-sec3b1oradelassombras(Originally published at ModernMythology.Net

When you stare into the empty eyes of La Nina Blanca do you feel the resonant warmth of a mother’s love? It’s there, if you look deep enough, at least for those who pay her true devotion. Even those coming from a more objective distance can’t help but notice the prevalence of motherly care that attends her presence.

At Her shrines children run forward clutching icons of Most Holy Death, apples in hand to present Her with gifts for blessings she has bestowed their families. Newly weds stand ready with offerings to thank her for their opportunity at future prosperity.

Even gunmen come to her as a mother, heads bowed in respect, offering tremulous thanks to the great matron whose hand has been held another day from executing a final judgement on their actions.These are sights not easily accepted by many in the United States…

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