ANALYSIS: How Fracking hype disguises the sector’s dangerous financial losses to date

The Slog

barnumShale gas….the greatest con in history?

Poor cash-flow and forced asset sales by frackers belie the bollocks about shale being a panacea

Those who are still so gung-ho for Fracking should read some of the observations and damning commercial statistics below. They show beyond any reasonable doubt that the British people are being sold an expensive White Elephant that could yet endanger our water supply sustainability.

Fracking industry leader Cuadrilla recently released its accounts for the 2012 financial year. They show a revenue of £392,000, and loss of £18.7m.

The Muppets of Frackle Rock continue to hype natural gas and oil production from shale as the great energy solution….but serious, well-founded data are hard to find.

Energy company claims for the long term viability of shale production simply aren’t borne out by the facts, and must be cause for less demonstrating and more critical questioning……but the Ayes have it…

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