What is Your Warrior’s Task?

Female Warrior - The Toltec Path

A warrior is devoted to his task, he doesn’t waste his energy on following anybody. He doesn’t care about social customs, whether they may be contemporary or represent millennia of tradition. ~  Carlos Castaneda, Encounters with the Nagual

The last post was a reminder as to the knock of the spirit that brought you to this path or to the principles of the warrior’s journey. In reading your responses I got to thinking about a warrior’s task and wanted to quote some of the warrior’s tasks here.

“Don Juan explained that by using heightened awareness over thousands of years of painful struggle, sorcerers had gained specific insights into intent; and that they had passed these nuggets of direct knowledge on from generation to generation to the present. He said that the task of sorcery is to take this seemingly incomprehensible knowledge and make it understandable by the standards of awareness…

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4 thoughts on “What is Your Warrior’s Task?

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    • outside the box? dont know what you mean. my first thought was Duh! of course i live outside the box! How the hell could i have endured 40 years in the physical labor force while raising children in this vast god forsaken atrocity of a civilization? and now? seeing the consequences of mankind accelerate and intensify and the implications for my grandchildren and whatever i may be able to do for them from my position at the bottom of society, chained to the dollar which barely allows me to survive … if i didnt live outside the box i may as well be dead. … or wait … did i just describe the box? anyway, not sure what yo assumption is

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