The Psychological Power of Satan


THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE … (Photo credit: mrbill78636)

The issue of whether “pure evil” exists, however, is separate from what happens to our judgments and our behavior when we believe in its existence. It is this question to which several researchers have recently begun to turn.

via The Psychological Power of Satan: Scientific American.

Just a note.

Beyond Six Rivers

Reading Tranströmer’s poetry and I realize that I need more absence, more silence, more blankness. Two words are too much. One word standing alone on a page.

Maybe even one word is too much. The written must be as transparent as the unwritten. I want my writing to echo the sound of silence. “The sound of silence”. To borrow Agha Shahid Ali’s sentiment: Sound and Silence. I spoke like a poor man.

Disappearance is









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Human Demonology: Your Creative Impulse

As I grew up the future loomed large in both positive and negative ways. Our current epoch is a present with little connection to past or future. This present is thrown at us at an increasingly accelerated pace, from many forms of media and social media updates. In the endeavour to make business everything and everything business, the future as something to dream about and work towards has been exchanged for a mediated present that for all its sound and fury is poor in spirit and imagination. One would expect the same percentage of people looking outside established paths as ever, but that doesn\’t seem to be happening. I\’ve long thought that the key is that de-coupling from the dominant culture to build something entirely new on a personal level.

via Modern Mythology: Human Demonology: Your Creative Impulse.