Traumas of the [Erasure] of the Real

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fire-shutter-copyAs I reflect on the looming deficit ceiling crisis I find myself thinking about what it might be that came to attract me to ontological realism.  I confess that I still have deeply ambivalent feelings towards both epistemological and ontological realism, and have been disturbed by much that I’ve seen arise out of both speculative realism and the new materialisms (though I feel that the latter have been much better about these issues).  I wasn’t always a realist, and even now I’m a realist in a very limited sense.  Throughout graduate school, I’d classify myself as a fairly militant social constructivist and linguistic idealist.  My work on Deleuze, I suppose, had realist-materialist tendencies– in particular, I was interested in deconstructing the subject of phenomenology to uncover a more primordial ground of being in what Deleuze called the “transcendental field” or “immanence” –but for a long time I was all signifier/sign…

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1 thought on “Traumas of the [Erasure] of the Real

  1. Being immersed in the current mass centrist society makes us subject to instigated mass hysteria, the aftermath of 911 being one of the more striking examples. Who are the owners of the central banking system? They are anonymous, because they are afraid that their covert, criminal activity will bring reprisals upon them, and with good reason. 911 was carefully planned and executed in order to accomplish numerous purposes at once. The twin towers complex was a “white elephant,” built with asbestos for fire protection, the cost of its removal was excessive, the complexes’ general overhead was excessive, it was not generating enough rent to make sufficient profit for its owner who the year prior had obliged the insurance company to pay for the cost of “terrorist attacks.” Building three was the facility that contained FBI records. It was evacuated before it was destroyed. Controlled demolition may have been used, but there was more to it than that. The newest weapons are directed free energy weapons. By international agreement they can only be used domestically. The countries not members of the international banking cartels include Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Sudan. 2 + 2 does equal 4. The point being that the United States is subjugated by the central bank, its international banking cartels, and its multinational corporations.
    Being criminal organizations they are bent on creating a global neo-feudal system. Since 911 the national surveillance systems have expanded rapidly. This is not a theory, but the compilations of documented evidence with plain logic that “connects the dots.”
    Do your own research and you will come up with the same or similar enough conclusions.
    I think that the subsequent civilization can be started as soon as people understand the means to those ends. The components for that needed transition are operational, but only require the necessary, organizational methods that are, alarmingly, barely in their embryonic incipience. The new civilization will not resemble the present one. It will be the direct opposite of this second rate civilization, which it will absorb and transform as it expands. There is no other humane option.
    I have been working in isolation, and can use some help for getting the schematics developed faster. Inquiries are welcomed.
    Reed Kinney

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