Another Snowden News Story. Another Lesson in Proper Whistleblowing.

The Rancid Honeytrap

Among the many things I have grown to detest about the Snowden Leaks spectacle is that for every heavily redacted page that’s been revealed — a meager ~300 pages in five months according to — we rubes seem to get at least twenty, sometimes very stern, lessons in proper whistleblowing from the the Leaker, the Leak Keepers, the Leak Keeper inner circle, and soldiers in the sycophant army that doltishly parrot and hype everything these people say. The lesson is as follows:

1. Don’t ever just dump your leaks on the internet.
2. Make sure your leaks are properly vetted and mediated by proper mainstream journalists. 

This lesson is often, perhaps even usually, stated as, or with, some variation of the following:

Don’t be like Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks, that is, indiscriminate, reckless and dangerous to both national security and human life.

We first received this lesson on day…

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