The Global Awakening

The world today is in the midst of the most monumental social, political and economic upheavals in human history – a state of continual protests, uprisings and what may be considered inevitable revolution on a global scale. Power that had been centralized for roughly 500 years among the Atlantic powers of Western Europe and North America is rapidly shifting to include the rise of the East, as China, India and others operating within established, institutional frameworks of power get wooed by the former Western imperial managers to become colluders in empire, instead of competition.

via World of Resistance (WOR) Report, Part 1: The Global Awakening Washington’s Blog.

Erratic Boulder

Masqua's Art


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Erratics are boulders scraped off the bedrock by glaciers and carried by the ice to distant locations. Where this one came from is anyone’s guess, but ‘somewhere north’ is the most probable. They come in all sizes. In this case, it wound up on a high promontory near Dorset in the Haliburton Highlands.

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