Blazing Dew of Stars (Fulgur Limited)


It was with great pleasure that we received this note from David Chaim Smith today:

“The Blazing Dew of Stars is here, in my hands. The book I have been pouring over for over 3 years. Fulgur Esoterica has done an absolutely spectacular job on all fronts. I could not be more pleased. This is, without question, my finest work.”

Smith’s work is a profound cartography of gnosemic revelation, it is unlike anything publicly available today. This book represents an in-depth exposition of his practice, and gives the reader a taste of the rare fruit of decades of contemplative work and a fearless journey into the heart of being/becoming.

For more information on the publication, or to purchase a copy, head over to the Fulgur Limited website:

The Blazing Dew of Stars

For more information on David Chaim Smith, visit his website at:

To read an interview with Smith…

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