Crisis at the State Department: an Op/Ed by Joe Fionda

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Daniel Rosen Arrest Documents Daniel Rosen Arrest Documents via Debra Alfarone on Twitter

This is Strike Two.

Daniel Rosen, U.S. State Department Counterterrorism Director of Policy & Planning, was arrested three weeks ago for sexual solicitation of a 14 year old girl. He has again been arrested. This time, Rosen was charged in the District of Columbia with installing secret Peeping Tom cameras and making videos of women undressing in their homes without their consent. A search of his phone after his first arrest uncovered the existence of those videos. Amazingly, he was allowed to go home under house arrest with a monitoring bracelet.

The D.C. political establishment of careerist beltway pundits and terrorism experts seem oddly silent about this matter, which in reality is an utterly catastrophic gutting of the credibility (or whats left) of this government. Daniel Rosen holds a critically important position in the so called “National Security” apparatus, which includes budgeting ($300 million budget supervision) for projects to counter violent extremism, directed…

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