Direct Tangent 5.31: Radical, Immanence and Faith.

The Veritable Counsel

I hope you have a good appetite. We are at a table in a restaurant. Laruelle is my dinner partner in the seat next to me. He is having non-philosophy as his main dish; ironically, I have have opted for the buffet. There are others at our table but they have not been introduced. Many people come by our table and say hi, comment on what we are having or how nice the restaurant is, or the weather, and then disappear back into the restaurant. As I look around, I see other tables ordering ‘what he has’ and pointing to our table…

* * *
This is a discussion of what may be ‘immanence’ and to this end, what may be ‘radical’, through an occasioning of non-philosophy.

“There are no illusions. The message will leave a heritage in tattered pieces and interpretations. But it was difficult not to dispute…

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A Simple Report.

Attenti al Lupo


From the Human Rights Watch: ” … Waterboarding. Mock executions. Forced nudity. Shackling wrists and ankles in painful,stress positions. Locking someone for days in a confined, dark,coffin-like box. Threatening people, naked and hooded, with power drills, rape, and death. Exposing human beings to continuous loud music and light. Depriving them of sleep. Threatening to harm a person’s family...”

Why of the 6,000-page report compiled by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence only 525-page were released?

A report that detailed the actions of CIA officials.

A report that took over 5 years and 40 Million to be completed. $40 Million of our money.


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the eyes of God

valeriu dg barbu

trilingual post: English, Italiano, Română

God has green eyes
and his hands have the smell of fir
life would only
the reflection of a perpetual mourning

Dio ha gli occhi verdi
e le sue mani hanno l’odore di abete
la vita sarebbe solo
il riflesso di un lutto perpetuo

Dumnezeu are ochii verzi
și-i miros palmele a brad
viața ar fi doar
reflex unui doliu perpetuu

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Maniacal Avenue


  • Medical Avenue
  • Madison Avenue
  • Two rivals in conflict
  • As is the appearance
  • One manipulates your view
  • The other makes the market sick
  • When profits are due
  • Wall Street
  • Having conquered Main Street
  • Hires and fires at will
  • Madison Ave attracts
  • Makeovers the facts
  • Medical Avenue
  • ‘Manufacts’ the pill
  • Surpassing those selling God’s will
  • The physician
  • Is the new stack-tician
  • Feeding the mortician
  • The statistician only counts revenue
  • When the profits are due
  • Money moving at a blur
  • Greed causing the stir
  • Risks taking
  • Making the machine whur
  • Making the bottom grow in size
  • The top
  • Reaps wealth towards the skies
  • As the distance becomes greater and greater
  • Retirement comes too early
  • Or later and later
  • For some, never
  • And work, foreverand ever…R.D.Revilo

Conscious Thought: Intelligent Awareness, by RD Revilo…@ Amazon.con or Barnes and Noble…peace

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If, as I will argue, nothingness cannot be anything positively existent, that is, if it truly (as the term would indicate) doesn’t exist, then the situation at death cannot involve falling into it. Those skeptical of the soul and an afterlife need not fear (or cannot look forward to, if such is their preference) blackness and emptiness. There is no eternal absence of experience, no black hole which swallows up the unfortunate victim of death. If we conscientiously eliminate the tendency to project ourselves into a situation following death, and if we drop the notion of positive nothingness, then this picture loses plausibility and a rather different one emerges.

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Why the brightest young people join startups instead of traditional firms

Firms are formed and networked links initiated around exciting new ideas. The onward movement of thinking then occupies the most limited and important things there is: our focus. What we focus on is called our attention space.

The attention space is the creative era metaphor for the industrial process and even for the corporate office. It is a “place of the mind”. It is an expression of the collaborative creativity and the cooperative contributions. For an entrepreneur or a startup, what happens there, is the most important real-time measurement of what is actually going on. Also, the driving force behind power and change is competition for room in this space. The role of leadership is to influence the things occupying the attention space, the consciousness of the organization.

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