The World is Our Mirror

But inner work is actually the most relevant and potent response to our current world problems because these collective crises mirror our inner condition.

Mirrors can be polished again and again and yet they’re still going to reflect the same images. Real change begins internally, because this alters what is being reflected. It can be a hard concept to grasp – and to really believe in – when the world is in such turmoil.

Crises urge us to step up and take action – to introduce remedies into the political arena, for example. Or, they might induce us to give up, and try to ignore the issues (which we are so often bombarded with) as best we can.

But if we glance back over human history we can see that all the great growth rungs of our race, all the positive upheavals of a social nature, were the result of expansions in consciousness within individuals. Our own personal growth contributes to the healing of our world.

This is not only the reality of things but also an empowering fact. It means that our individual choices – even our very awareness – makes a difference.

via The World is Our Mirror | Humanity’s Way Forward.

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