From the Anthropocene to the Neo-Cybernetic Underground.

Today, we must think on a level of non-trivial, complex environmentality, to reorganize our thinking profoundly according to the environment. And this doesn’t only concern the establishment of a theory, but also the institutions, politics, ethics, or even pragmatics. The concept of the Anthropocene functions as a kind of catalyzer for the whole bundle of questions connected to the radicalization of environmentality, even though without doubt people are already working on it and these questions travelled trough the second half of the 20th century. This is extremely urgent: the economy, governments and parts of academia mainly use the term Anthropocene to push their own interests and do lobby work. An enormous conceptual potential is being sacrificed on the altar of globalization and its rat races. The new management of our planet, which some want to install today, in a certain way cybernetizes the old anthropocentric vision and pushes it over the top. This is utterly untenable and distorts the problem and logic of the concept Anthropocene.

via From the Anthropocene to the Neo-Cybernetic Underground. A conversation with Erich Hörl. | 60pages.

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