Indeed, all kinds of strange effects could be actualized by implementing particular points on a masking continuum, its median characterized by a perfectly imbricated mesh, with either extreme consisting of only one song, its twin fully suppressed. Once Xenaudial realized he could import his propensity for baroquely intricate Hyper Draw curves—that could automate the fine-tuning of any parameter whatsoever—into this minimalist framework, another realm of potential was prized open, especially useful when he entered the reconstructive phase of his work. But that was for later.

(Xenaudial had a (some would say fatal) tendency to constantly resystematize at higher orders of complexity while working on a single project, a condition which appeared to an onlooker as slowly ratcheting procrastination. Once he spent an entire year on an editing job for having restarted it five times, always after reaching a point well into it when it became apparent that he had not yet…

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