Saudi Arabia: Is It About To Burn Or Just Collapse?

Although many may argue the kingdom stands more oppressive and “in control” than ever, strengthened by its trillions in petrodollars and the support of its powerful Western allies, Lendman argues instead that the House of Saud is on the verge of dissolution — “an obsolete power condemned to decrepitude amid a nascent Arab renaissance,” he told MintPress News.

Saudi Arabia broke away from its traditional non-military interventionist policy by declaring an all-out war on Yemen on March 25, while threatening Iran against encroaching further on its “Sunni empire,” Lendman explained. Speaking to MintPress about the kingdom’s surge in hawkish activity on the Arabian Peninsula, he continued:

“Saudi Arabia is not half as strong as it appears … quite the opposite actually. Riyadh’s need to resort to war to keep its empire in check tells me power is waning. The dragon is kicking and thrusting as it can feel power leaving its claws. But ultimately, destruction will come from within the House of Saud. King Salman’s recent government reforms will only act a temporary relief to an already sinking ship.”

via Saudi Arabia: Is It About To Burn Or Just Collapse?.

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