The Present ≠ The Future

I’m beginning to wonder just what role science and technology will play in the future, given the reemergence of brute force as a major factor in world politics, a reality that I don’t recall seeing in many premillennial forecasts (cyberattacks certainly were, however, and those are becoming epidemic lately).

We’ve been sold the inevitability of a technocratic future but technocrats are remarkably indifferent to the great majority of the population. At some point the people who aren’t invited to the party will realize they’ve just been looking in on it through a two-way mirror and if things get desperate, may well wish to express their displeasure at their exclusion. That was the spark that lit the wildfires tearing through the Islamic world at the moment. Only a fool would imagine that it can’t happen here. Hungry people are the same everywhere.

The present doesn’t equal the future and no one is seriously preparing us for what the future may bring.

via The Secret Sun: The Present ≠ The Future.

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