The REAL Story of Wealth Creation

The physics of economic systems requires that we acknowledge a basic truth; that wealth arises from the natural world. It is part of nature. And yet, as the Neoliberal Story described above starts out, there is a presumed separation of markets from the natural environment.

Their story of wealth creation pretends that nature had no value before it was monetized by industrial activities. And this is why they don’t have a firm footing to stand on about the the origins of wealth — to presume that wealth “appears” when business activities are performed is to miss out on the real action taking place in the previously-existing ecosystems of information that came into being through physical and biological evolution.

Said in more concrete terms, the reason we place a big fat zero in the number column of our spreadsheets for the price of nature is because it is presumed to be without value. It doesn’t make the accounting books because the religious dogma of Neoliberalism rejects this physical truth as one of its core beliefs.

via The REAL Story of Wealth Creation — Medium.

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