The Margins & the Mainstream & Reciprocal Suggestion (Horsley on Lethem)


lethem & horsley

This week’s podcast discussion is with the author Jonathan Lethem. This connection has probably meant more to me than previous connections. For one thing, it’s been ongoing since the inception (very much was the inception) of Seen & Not Seen, and anyone who has read that work knows how important my connecting to Lethem has been to me at a personal level. So I was a bit daunted by the thought of trying to get everything into a couple of hours’ conversation, which of course we didn’t. Here are a couple of things I wanted to bring up with Jonathan Lethem that I didn’t get to.

Considering how much we have in common, the chances of our ever meeting were slim. It’s not as if we met at a David Byrne concert, a Marvel comics convention, or a Philip K. Dick conference. (Dick was our connection—how manly can you…

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