Book Review: War Nerd 

When the goals are so limited, it makes sense that insurgency is the newest and most predominant type of warfare. The best soldiers know their territory and are willing to keep fighting for just a little cash and the promise of excitement. That, Brecher says, is why conventional war, with all of the Pentagon’s spending on bigger, faster, and stronger weapons, is a fruitless effort. The future won’t see any more “total wars of the good ol’ WWII kind,” Brecher says. “We’ll have…very cautious, limited wars between the big players, and bloody messes” with the “savages.” He thinks most conflicts in the future are likely to be long, small, insurgent affairs. And the Bush administration’s war in Iraq is only the latest example. Others include the vast waste of time and money of Plan Columbia and the latest round of interracial violence in Liberia.

Source: Book Review: War Nerd | Mother Jones

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