Social Control

Imagine a dystopia in which every man is constantly surveilled. Where he is conditioned from birth to be non-aggressive. Where he is constantly subjected to demoralising propaganda that compels him to go against his natural inclinations. Where a glowing panel exists on his wall and desk that constantly reminds him he’s pathetic, guilty, and monstrous. A society that requires him by law, both at home, and at work, to submit to women. And for the discontented man, there exists synthetic joy in the form of pills and sex in the form of virtual pleasures.

Oh wait, that’s the way our society already is. And it is that way for a reason. We know that nuclear weapons can be used by states to destroy all life, in addition to society. What most people don’t know, is that computing technology has increased this fragility exponentially. Dan Geer once said, “I can take down the Internet and so can you.” Even a brute can make the whole thing crumble like a cookie with a pair of bolt cutters, if he knows where to cut.

We live in a society where even the most common individual has far too much power. That is why our leaders feel he must driven into a dismal state of state of submission, so that thoughts of doing the aforementioned things become unthinkable. That is the state of the world today.

But now that we’re entering the age of homemade floating drones with guns, one can expect this dystopia to only get worse. Because man has drones, he shall be turned into one. This is because the democratisation of violence requires a concomitant rise in social control, so that order may be maintained.

Source: Goth Enlightenment — Social Control

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