the admin of a nexus of neoreaction recently saw fit to feature under the title of Theonomy information on so-called Chistian Reconstructionism. many of said movement, as with many so-called christian movements, are hardly in that much of an alignment with the doctrine of that son of man, called in the original greek—Iesous. it’s even doubted if homosexuality is specifically referenced in the New Testament at all, and the fact is that a great percentage of people claiming to be christians actually aren’t for they are against and act against the sayings of the Christ, as the Christ was a friend of sinners and preached not to judge them. there is hardly more to be said about this as it’s as simple as this: a hateful person is not following the theo-logical virtues:  pistis, elpis, and caritas.

it’s a very common tendency to claim to be something one isn’t, and…

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