Philosophy is a way of life based on a passion for the creation of concepts, analyses, and arguments. All the rest is just a Game of Thrones, the calculations and positionings of Hom Academicus. A philosophy professor can be a philosopher in the sense just described, but this needn’t be the case. Anyone could attend Deleuze’s and Lyotard’s and Foucault’s  and Michel Serres’ seminars, and if you had the nerve to ask a question you got an answer, usually a very good one. So the idea that a professor should not be expected to respond to criticism or even questions on the social networks, when he administers a facebook group or publishes a blog is a little strange.

Philosophy is not about opinions and publicity, but is one of the ways of individuating ourselves in a world vaster and more creative than the world of opinion. If a lay-reader individuates…

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