Your Baby Knows More About Metaphysics Than You 

The baby knows that existence is a paradox, both coincidental and inevitable, that everything is mostly nothing and the difference between everything and nothing is functionally negligible. The baby knows that the difference between everybody and nobody is nobody. The baby knows that nobody is nobody. The baby also knows that nobody is everybody and that if nobody is everybody then everybody must be nobody, too. The baby knows that everybody is everybody and by way of, or as an extension to that, the baby knows that everything is everything. Everything is everything is the grand unified equation. E = E. That’s the formula. The baby is working off these figures.

The baby, like many a great philosopher, is highly dubious of object permanence, or even objectivity for that matter. The baby is born of love consciousness, and is therefore love consciousness actualized and realized. We all are. Sometimes, or even often times, we simply don’t realize it. We all are the baby and the baby is us. Nobody knows this more deeply than the baby. The baby knows love deeply because it is close to its own temporal root; any human transgression is a forgetting of the love at our root. It’s hard for a baby to forget the love at its root because that love was some mere months ago, hella recent, so that’s where the myth of childlike innocence finds its a priori, solidifying it as one of the more bulletproof myths of human thought.

Source: Your Baby Knows More About Metaphysics Than You | VICE | United States

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