Questions of Dimensionality


“Overall, as the amount of available information increases, the unifying context used to organize this information becomes simpler and often less rational. This insight represents perhaps our chief domestic tactical advantage, freeing up considerable resources that rival powers devote to the simple, top-level control of electronic communication.” (William Sims Bainbridge)

Alien breeding programmes and spacecraft that use magnetic forces have long been part and parcel of UFO folklore. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Higdon’s story is an apparently minor detail that is rarely included in summaries of the case. All the while he was with the aliens, Higdon recalled, he only ever saw them from the front. “I was looking straight into their faces… [I] never looked at the side or back. There was just a direct front view – that’s all I ever got”.


Paul Laffoley | Dimensionality: The Manifestation of Fate

Subject:The Natural…

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