What a wonderful…

Southern Nights

It’s always funny how people speak as if things never change, when they’ve always been changing. Do we still live in the Victorian Age? Are our ethics the same as theirs? When Marx was inverting Hegelian dialectics and speaking of alienation, the objectivation of the human being determined and enslaved to the machines he was building – What would he say now of our enslavement to gadgets: iPhones, tablets, home surveillance systems, Selfies, the endless reproduction of our images into that false infinity of mirroed narcissism? In some ways we’ve only refined the work ethic of our Puritan forbears… now we work 24/7 in an oncall Onlife world without stop… the network society as Utopian realm that Mcluhan and Flusser both dreamed of has become our all pervading and ubiquitous truth. Here’s Velim Flusser dreaming of the network society well before it arose:

“Many aspects of this fabulous new social…

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