The importance of boredom

But to reach this state, we must shut off all the voices. The critics in our lives; the fears of insufficiency or everyday events; the worries about our aptitude or abilities. Then we must shut out all the tendencies, clichés of the mind, which complete our thoughts for us by going down paths we have traveled before. Only then is the mind empty like the night sky.

Is it coincidence that modern society attempts to spam every instant of our consciousness? We are inundated in propaganda, news, social chatter, advertising and neurotic theories masquerading as “self-help.” The people around us spin in busy cycles of fears and desires, shuttling between the two in an attempt to create warmth in their souls of activity and purpose.

Of course it is not: of all things, this society fears the silence. In the silence, the world makes sense, and through that, we see the options for pleasure and goodness in life, not mere reactivity to what is going on in the social (and political and economic) world around us. When we explore the inner world, we come to know reality, and through it, we know what is good.

Source: The importance of boredom

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