Paul Virilio: Exile and Mutant Migration

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

At the end of ‘The Original Accident’ by Paul Virilio one can feel the utter despair, an almost total fatalism as he realizes the ‘turbo capitalism of the single market’ that pervades the globe is reaching a wall beyond which nothing will remain, so that a neo-human – a transhumanity leaves the ruinous wastelands of a dying earth for a New Found Land Beyond The Stars:

“…the day comes when the star can no longer bear the disaster of progress, the collateral damage that results, as we have seen throughout this book, from the acceleration not only of the history of humanity, but of all reality. … In fact and for the first time perhaps in such a tangible way, for each and every one of us the perimeter of life is strictly circumscribed by the void. The old fullness of the biosphere has been overtaken, now, by this…

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