Grass Will Grow Over Your Cities

not so solid earth


We live upon ruins. History is the progressive accumulation of ruin upon ruin. In the end, capitalism – that abstract monstrosity of a totality – would’ve been a machine for the production of ruins.

If I was to choose among the artworld elite, upon the transnational roll call of celebrity artists, then one of my favorite living artists would be Anselm Kiefer. Those who are familiar with his work can readily see his influence upon my own work, even if the themes and content may differ: his work influences my approach to forms, to the field of painting as an erosive plane, etc. Kiefer, born in the postwar era, grew up playing on the ruins of World War Two. In his work, ruins and the catastrophe of history have been a pervasive theme for decades. What he gets us all to remember is that all things will pass and those…

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