Outside the Hall of Mirrors, the sky is black with birds coming home to roost. Some of them have already settled on the rooftops of London. More of them are hovering above an assortment of European capitals, and many more are wheeling above the marble domes and pediments of Washington DC. When they land, their impact will shake the world.

Source: The Archdruid Report

Infrastructure for Anarchists 

–put it all together, though, and what you have is
—individual and tribe-scale infrastructure
—under your own autonomous political control
—with excellent portability
—that you may be able to make a lot of yourself
—that could scale to millions of people
—–That’s a new potential.

Source: Talk outline for Jan 7th in London – Infrastructure for Anarchists | The Bucky-Gandhi Design Institution

Implications of the reality of Mother in Heaven

Our contemporary problems require recognition of our Mother in Heaven (wife of our Heavenly Father, literal Mother of us all in our pre-mortal lives as spirits) – who is concerned by the minute details of her childrens’ lives – such matters are the crux of things.

Having recognised her reality we surely cannot, and should not, continue to ignore or reject her?

Source: Bruce Charlton’s Notions: Implications of the reality of Mother in Heaven

The Sacred Heart And Masculinity

More than that, however, the Church always saw that there was an added mystery.  We have spoken before of how God is the supreme masculine, of which created masculinity is a shadow, and that the creature is feminine in relation to Him.  Christ, in emptying Himself of the exterior glory of the Godhead, in humbling Himself to be shrunk into a span, in putting Himself into the “feminine” sphere of creation and even consenting to be penetrated with the nails and the lance, seems to have inverted, as it were, the “Yin and the Yang” in the order of being.  And there is in this a great mystery.

In the splendor of the Divine Nature, God is Impassible and Incorrupt, the Masculine Act, never the feminine potential.  First Satan and his apostate angels, then man, insisted nevertheless on exalting themselves against Him, as though they could do Him despite or injury.  “Very well,” one could imagine God reckoning; “if you want Me to come down to where you can exalt yourselves over Me, subject Me to your whims, attempt to do Me harm and despite, then fine, I’ll play fair: here I come.

”But, though this condescension in the Incarnation appeared to put God in a position of womanly weakness (analogously speaking), it was His counsel that this should be the manner of displaying His nature to be of such invincible might, that when God our Father broke upon the sharpened daggers of this world, life and strength would flow out from Him so forcefully as to annihilate all weakness.  Man drinks this down as mercy or as wrath, depending upon whether he continues to resist the flood of His power, or learns to stoop and drink from the torrent.

Source: The Sacred Heart And Masculinity